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This product you are looking at ispurchased and supplied at an "Online siêu thị in Korea" after order confirmation.

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In general, online cửa hàng products require a "preparation period" about 8~10 days in business days.

However, depending on the stock availability of the online shop,the preparation period may be a little longer or shorter.

We hope for your understanding & please click below before purchasing lớn read more in detail.





•1. We ship to lớn worldwide.•2. Shipping location is SOUTH KOREA.

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•3. Our shipping term is generally 3-10 business days after your payment. but it may be longer according khổng lồ the indicated "preparation period" of item.•4. If the parcel"s weight is over 1700g, there is no opportunity lớn select K-Packet as a shipping method since they have weight limitation. DHL, EMS, AIR PARCEL và Rincos will appear as a available shipping method for the weight over 1700g.•5. The shipping lớn some countries may be delayed since it take a route via Russia.(such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Belarus)In this case it has the different destination country & zip code at the tracking status but the parcel is sent to lớn the correct shipping address. Please don"t worry about it.

* You can track your package on our website by yourself.Tester Korea provides tracking number for all of our orders to ensure the safety of its delivery.If you need further information, click the "Shopping" Info links at the bottom the page.

When the parcel is returned khổng lồ us as "failure delivery", we will inform and give you 2 options whether lớn get a refund or resend. If we are not in charge for the failure of delivery, the shipping fee is not refundable.In case of missing parcel, when the claiming of the parcel has been terminated with the result as “missing”, we will full refund.