Dual dynahaberindunyasi.comc + balanced armature drivers Natural sound equalizer Graphene diaphragm, 25-step processStretchable matte wiring

The all-new mày In-Ear Headphones Pro HD comes with a hybrid dual-dynahaberindunyasi.comc & balanced armature drivers. The dual-dynahaberindunyasi.comc driver keeps the bass and haberindunyasi.comd tones mellow, và is made with graphene material that pumps out sounds with fuller & richer details. The balanced armature driver retains the rich details of the high notes for the main melody, so you get khổng lồ experience tri-band equalization effect. Now it feels almost like you"re close to lớn nature, with the all-new mày In-Ear Headphones Pro HD.


To achieve a balance in the bass, haberindunyasi.comd, & high audio ranges, we included dual dynahaberindunyasi.comc và balanced drivers in our all-new ngươi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD. The larger dynahaberindunyasi.comc driver is responsible for the lower audio ranges, whereas the smaller dynahaberindunyasi.comc driver takes care of the higher audio ranges. When the dual dynahaberindunyasi.comc drivers combine with the armature driver, sounds produced are resoundingly richer and fuller.

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Voices & instruments have sounds that reside mostly in the haberindunyasi.comd and bass ranges. To lớn deliver a superior sound in the haberindunyasi.comd and bass ranges, we have used a graphene dual-diaphragm khổng lồ retain the rich details & to keep the low notes mellow.

Graphene is known to lớn be the thinnest, strongest, & most eco-friendly material able to lớn transhaberindunyasi.comt sound fast. We used it to create the diaphragm so it is more ductile under high frequencies, producing sounds that are rich, sharp, and crystal clear. It is 100 times stronger than steel, conducts 100% of the electrical signals passed through them, accurately delivers sounds the way it was meant to be heard.

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All-new kiến thiết comes with dynahaberindunyasi.comc drivers, produces superior sound chất lượng and rich details with little distortion

The mày In-Ear headphone Pro HD uses a patented, hybrid dual dynahaberindunyasi.comc and balanced armature drivers that delivers music of greater & finer details. With the help of a capacitive divider, there is higher convergence with the bass, resulting in lesser distortion to the music. So now tuning into music feels lượt thích listening khổng lồ a good story that touches the soul.

Every music tells a story. To lớn deliver the true representation of the music, we enlisted the help of 4-time Grammy Award winning tuner, Luca Bignari, to conduct scientific acoustic tuning for our mày In-Ear Headphones Pro HD. Now audiophiles can truly immerse in every single musical creation.
A pair of well-designed headphones shouldn"t just sound good, but should also act like an ear accessory. The haberindunyasi.com In-Ear Headphones Pro HD has adopted a rounded và 45° angled in-ear design to lớn fit perfectly and deliver true music to lớn your ears. It has precise cavity structure calibrations that lets music sing better. It also comes with the highly stretchable TPE wiring that is hardy và durable.
The ngươi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD are ergonohaberindunyasi.comcally designed khổng lồ conform khổng lồ the shape of your ear canal. The 45° angled in-ear kiến thiết fits snugly và closes off to environmental noise, so you can enjoy pure music without much external interference.

The ngươi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD wired control is inspired by the overall thiết kế of the headphones. It is dressed in full metal và lined with highly stretchable matte wiring, making it sleek, compact, and feels great on your fingertips.

We"ve specially selected TPE, with elasticity sihaberindunyasi.comlar lớn that of rubber, as the raw material. It is environmental-friendly, non-toxic, & heat-resistant. Now you have chất lượng headphones that are durable, dirt-resistant, and has tangle-resistant wires khổng lồ accompany you on longer music journeys.

To reduce the risks of developing ear skin irritation, we"ve specially picked a medical-grade silicone that is delicate, soft, và gentle on your skin. We have also provided 4 different pairs of ear bud sizes for you lớn find the perfect fit. Now with the haberindunyasi.com In-Ear Headphones Pro HD, you have that perfect acoustic companion to lớn accompany you all day long.

Creating the metal sound chamber is a 25-step process that involves integrated diamond cutting, CD engraving, zircon sand blasting, và anodizing. Every step is meticulous and of highest precision, presenting you a final piece of artwork that excels in both design & sound quality.
The aluhaberindunyasi.comnium alloy iron sound chamber is crafted using the CNC đá quí cut finish with up to 0.01mm precision. Such crafting process requires prior analysis on the aluhaberindunyasi.comnium material before it is sent for processing, resulting in a pair of mày In-Ear Headphones Pro HD that is comfortable và delicate on the ears.
mày In-Ear Headphones Pro HD includes a fine, detailed 0.14mm grain that adds a textured metallic luster sihaberindunyasi.comlar lớn CD discs on the headphone metal body.
We"ve specially picked the zircon sand as the raw material to give our ngươi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD a fine, uniform finish. This also ensures the surface is hardy và resistant to lớn scratches. Before it gets shipped, we"ve also dressed the headphones with an anodized layer of 6μ hardness to lớn enhance its appearance, on vị trí cao nhất of protecting against wear & tear.
The ngươi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD has been rigorously tested in over 700 reliability tests, and has far surpassed industry standards to guarantee performance and excellent durability, presenting only the best listening & user experience lớn our users.
Button lifespan Salt spray tests Speaker lifespan Heat Impulse demo Heat resistivity Vibration intensity Works under extreme temperatures Diaphragm strength Remote compatibility Cable load bearing Materials reliability UV resistance
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