2021 Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties 150 Overview

No matter the size of the city, you’ll navigate it with ease and style on the Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties.

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Combining a sporty personality with the style and elegance of the classic bikes from the Sixties, this mã sản phẩm is an homage to lớn the iconic “gentlemen riders” who were fuelled by dreams of freedom & independence. Their endeavours & spirit live on in the colour, textures & materials of the Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties. Every detail has been designed to địa chỉ cửa hàng a cảm biến of uniqueness, delivering not only a glorious riding experience, but the chance for you, the rider, lớn stand out from the crowd.


To revive the Vespa’s competitive side, Vespa Racing Sixties are inspired by the winning racing cars by all the elements characterizing the roaring 60s. An iconic decade, in which a vehicle was not truly ‘yours’ until you changed its color, bodywork, handlebars, saddle và any detail whetted by your imagination.

With race competitions in which the speed và battles went hand in hand with the class & elegance of the vehicles và riders, the 60s were a legendary period in the history of racing and motoring. It is those elegant sports values that inspire the new Vespa special series, comprising the new Vespa GTS Super and Vespa Sprint Racing Sixties”.

The acclaimed 50cc and 150cc i-get single cylinder is joined by a 300cc HPE engine with over 23 hp. The gentlemen riders were known not only for their pursuit of performance, but also the class, elegance và aesthetics of their vehicles. If, lượt thích them, you love speed and enjoy being the center of attention, this is the Vespa for you.

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Classic Style

The Sprint Racing Sixties special edition models come in two different colors, each with their own chất lượng trim, racing stripes, seat, badging, rims và accessories.

White paint featuring red racing stripesGreen metallic paint featuring yellow racing stripesMatte đen Details: Trim, mirrors, exhaust cover, headlight bezel, taillight, passenger foot pegs, front fender crest, và rear grab barGold rimsBlack ribbed seat with trắng pipingRacing Sixties badging
EASY khổng lồ RIDE

Vespa Sprint represents the sport-minded, youthful soul manifested in the new Vespa small frame. With its dynamic body toàn thân line & its characteristic rectangular headlamp, the Sprint recalls the legendary Vespa thể thao models. Modern giải pháp công nghệ is combined with timeless design to lớn give a distinctive và enjoyable way of driving for the contemporary “urban runner”.


Arriving with large, 12-inch alloy wheels, the small-body Vespa Sprint offers a stunning riding experience. The 4-stroke, 3-valve single-cylinder engine makes it perfectly balanced in terms of performance & consumption.

The 150cc version arrives with xe đạp Finder & remote saddle unlock functions. Another new cảm biến is the “tie” that characterizes the front shield, meaning you’ll make heads turn wherever you go!

New Next Generation i-Get Engine: Boost in fuel economy, lower emissions, higher top speed, longer service intervals, and a more pleasing exhaust note.New saddles material + seamsNew hinged fork design. The first new và improved Vespa fork kiến thiết since 1977.New saddles material + seamsNew Rear light designNew front tieNew chromed crest on mudguardNew Remote: xe đạp finder and seat openerNew rim designNew front suspensionDigital instrument panel12 inches front & rear wheelsESS Disc & drum braking system ABS system on 150ccLED DAY-lights on 150ccABS Breaking System

MSRP: $5,749

Freight và Setup: $700

MPG: 90+

MPH: 60

COLORS: trắng w/Red Racing Stripes, Green w/Yellow Racing Stripes

ENGINE: Single cylinder 4 stroke, Single overhead camshaft - 3 valve (2 intake, 1 exhaust)


HP: 14

TANK CAPACITY: 2.1 gal. (8 L)

FUEL SUPPLY: P.I. Injection (Port injected)

COOLING: Forced air

TRANSMISSION: Automatic Twist and Go (CVT with torque server)

CLUTCH: Automatic dry centrifugal clutch with vibration dampers

WARRANTY: 2 year unlimited mile warranty. *Limits are outlined in the warranty workbook. See us for details