GALAXY note 2 is quite a star mã sản phẩm of Samsung và it is one of the most popular app android device this year. To lớn experience a wonderful apk device, you must get the highest permission first. How are you gonna vị that? KingoRoot will guide your through step by step.

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Root your GALAXY cảnh báo 2 without PC by KingoRoot APK


Please try KingoRoot game android first. Your device may rooted without computer by using this app.

Check "Unknown sources" from Security in Settings.

Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

Install and open "KingoRoot".Click the "One Click Root" button.Wait for the result to lớn appear.Try a few more times for different rooting methods if failed.If KingoRoot app android does not work for you. Please kindly refer to lớn KingoRoot android (PC Version), which has a higher success rate.

For more details on this, please click How khổng lồ root any app android device và version with KingoRoot APK?

Root your Samsung GALAXY chú ý 2 using KingoRootAndroid (Windows)


Make sure your device is powered ON.At least một nửa battery level.USB Cable (the original one recommended).Enable USB Debugging on your device.

Start rooting process

First, double-click the desktop icon to lớn launch android ROOT.

Below is what you are gonna see after you launch it.


Next, connect your chú ý 2 lớn computer via USB cable.

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As you can see, there are instructions that you could follow. It may take a little longer if this is the first time you connect your device to lớn computer. Driver software installation should be done automatically.


Then, enable USB debugging mode on your GALAXY cảnh báo II.

If you have already done this, skip this step và move on. If not, please follow the instructions as shown on the software interface according khổng lồ your apk version.


Read the notifications carefully before proceeding.

Rooting has its advantages for sure, however, it may also lead khổng lồ certain consequences. So before jumping into this, please be sure you know what you are doing.

Click ROOT khổng lồ start the process when you are ready.

It will take 3 to lớn 5 minutes to complete the process. Once you started, bởi not move, touch, unplug USB cable, or perform any operation on your device anyhow!


ROOT Succeeded!

Your device is now successfully rooted. Kiểm tra your device và find out SuperUser icon, which is the mark of a successful ROOT.


One more thing, you could remove root from your GALAXY lưu ý 2 with android ROOT by one-click. Click to see how to remove root from Android.