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Samsung"s latest and greatest cảnh báo is a fantastic phone, but it didn"t change much from the cảnh báo 8. Sure it has a slightly better screen, new S Pen features & a larger battery, but the vi xử lý core of the experience is the same as its predecessor — that makes it an expensive nâng cấp proposition.

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The cảnh báo 8 is still a solid phone that"s more than capable for what most people need to vày at the over of 2018. Và it still has the same software as the chú ý 9. The only place sit shows its age are in battery life & the still-odd fingerprint sensor placement.


It"s simple lớn see how much is shared between the cảnh báo 8 and cảnh báo 9. The hardware, software and capabilities are mostly the same at the vi xử lý core level, which makes sense if you have followed Samsung"s update cadence year after year. The lưu ý 9 does have a clear leg up in a few areas, though.

This nâng cấp will be all about the battery for some people.

First & foremost, it"s the battery form size — at 4000mAh the chú ý 9 has 21% more capacity than the lưu ý 8, and that"s going to lớn translate directly khổng lồ dramatically improved battery life considering the similarities of the rest of the phones. If you have issues with the note 8"s battery life, the note 9"s going khổng lồ be your savior.

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Chances are if you bought a chú ý 8 you wanted to lớn make use of its ample storage — possibly optioning up to the 256GB model, and adding even more with the microSD thẻ slot. Here"s one place where the note 9 will make your mouth water: it has an optional 512GB of internal storage. For those who absolutely cannot stream or be bothered to manage their storage, & want a seemingly infinite amount of room, the cảnh báo 9"s 512GB storage — plus another 512GB via an SD card (opens in new tab) — will make the buying decision a whole lot easier.

Hardcore note users will be able to appreciate the S Pen improvements.

Hardcore lưu ý users will also be able lớn appreciate the much-improved S Pen experience from the addition of wireless connectivity. The S Pen is unchanged in terms of writing & drawing, but now it can be used for much more — it can launch & control apps remotely, from the camera & gallery to Powerpoint & music players. If you weren"t someone who used the S Pen much because you"re not a big writer, this addition may put you over the vị trí cao nhất to considering a Note.

On a far more subtle note, the note 9"s cameras have improved. You"ll be getting much better low-light performance compared to lớn the chú ý 8, but the rest of the experience is roughly the same. The lưu ý 8 can easily match it in terms of the secondary camera, daylight shots & portrait mode — so you won"t be upgrading to a chú ý 9 just for the camera.

And how could I forget, the fingerprint sensor placement is so much better on the lưu ý 9 than the lưu ý 8. It"s easy lớn reach và use, it"ll make you hate the lưu ý 8"s sensor all over again. Don"t tăng cấp your phone just to get it — but if you vì get the chú ý 9, thank yourself every day for this little convenience.