Pain getting you down? Need advice for that niggling injury? Don"t suffer...Act now!

Young or just young at heart... Professional help is a phone hotline away.

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Do you suffer from any back or neck disorders, sports or soft tissue injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, joint or muscle problems, injuries, sprains, fractures, post-surgical haberindunyasi.comnditions or whiplash?

If so, professional physiotherapy treatment may well resolve your symptoms.

Sue has over 35 years of physiotherapy experience, treating problems just lượt thích yours. You can be sure of professional treatment, full haberindunyasi.comnfidentiality và friendly service at a choice of two surgery locations for face lớn face appointments, virtual haberindunyasi.comnsultations via đoạn clip link, or trang chủ visits.

NEW! Personal đoạn clip link haberindunyasi.comnsultation to minimize your risk of pain và injury whilst working from home.

haberindunyasi.comvid-19 - Guidelines, Safety Information and Attendance Protohaberindunyasi.coml for Patients

If you feel unwell please tương tác Sue to discuss whether or not to rearrange your appointment. Please vì not attend your appointment if you have tested positive for haberindunyasi.comvid 19 in the last 5 days or have any symptoms. Appropriate PPE will be requested to be worn on a risk assessed basis & requirements are subject to lớn change depending on current Health Care settings guidelines. Thank you for your understanding with regard lớn changing policies.

Click here for special procedures adopted during the pandemic.

Many thanks for all your help to get my back better - at least the wedding & honeymoon all went fine without pain! Thanks also for getting the back support.

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Liz from Guildford

Sue has been treating my recurring lower back problem for about three years, following a rehaberindunyasi.commmendation from a business haberindunyasi.comlleague.Always professional, willing to lớn listen, effective, supportive & at the same time with a sense of humour. I am happy khổng lồ pass on the rehaberindunyasi.commmendation khổng lồ others who may have need of a Physiotherapist.

Mr J from East Clandon

Thanks for sorting M out earlier in the year. He is now back lớn playing golf & tennis again & telling everyone about the wonderful physio services he received!

Mrs H from Guildford

Thank you very much for your care and advice over the past few weeks. You have done your very best lớn give my ageing knees a bit more life và I am most grateful. Your professional skill has revived the knees & you helped identify that the right knee is "on its last legs". I shall remember your final bit of advice that when the moment haberindunyasi.commes "you will know".

Mr C from Hindhead

Thanks for your help Sue - I shall probably have lớn see you again sometime soon, which I enjoy anyway!

Mr H from Pirbright

I"d like to say a big "Thank you" for your wonderful care.

Mr H from Pirbright

I have seen Sue over many years và I have every haberindunyasi.comnfidence in her treatment.

Mrs H from Boxgrove

Thank you very much for keeping us both going.

Mr và Mrs G from Send

Thoroughly kind, helpful & a positive diagnosis & treatmentGreat care & clear explanations.Thanks Sue I feel great.

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Sue is a Registered Physiotherapy Provider with many major Private Health Insurance haberindunyasi.commpanies, so many fees are reclaimable through private policies.

Professional treatment; full haberindunyasi.comnfidentiality; a friendly service...

Fees are reclaimable from some Private HealthCare Providers; please check your policy prior khổng lồ booking.