Our registered dietitian nutritionists have worked with high-level executives, young professionals, athletes from high school to pro, nurses, teachers, vegetarians & more.Whether your goal is to thất bại weight, teach your family healthier habits, or put on some muscle, we can help you reach those goals with the right nutrition!

We work with clients locally in the Orlando area as well as online & over the phone with clients throughout the country.

To learn more about the difference between a registered dietitian & a nutritionist: Click Here

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It was an eye-opening experience. Megan was able khổng lồ take the knowledge I had, correct it và provide more in many cases, & explain how to lớn implement it in my everyday living. With all the hearsay in the gyms, fit mags, blogs, & social circles, it was nice khổng lồ finally exchange with someone who is not only certified and accredited, but also in the know of the current studies & trends. Thanks a ton, Megan. I"m excited about the foundation we"ve set together và I look forward to lớn our next appointments.

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Megan is hands down the most caring, thoughtful, and just overall amazing person in her profession. Megan has repeatedly been there lớn encourage me và answer questions, even though I"ve only had one session with her so far. I can"t wait to showroom more sessions lớn my schedule and continue to build this relationship. Thank you so much!


My wife started seeing Megan Ware, và I tagged along lớn see what happens at a dietitian appointment. I was so impressed that I made an appointment khổng lồ see her myself. She takes the time to lớn get to know you, your eating habits & what"s important to lớn you then works khổng lồ help you achieve your goals. Very easy to lớn talk to, she takes the time khổng lồ explain things in an easily understandable way & doesn"t judge you for your choices. I"d highly recommend going khổng lồ see her.

I booked an appointment with Orlando dietitian Megan Ware after years of fad dieting with minimal results. I had reached a point of frustration và needed khổng lồ make a change. Personal găng tay was also a contributing factor to lớn my stalled weight loss, diminished self-confidence, và overall discouragement. At our first appointment, Megan really got khổng lồ know me, my relationship with food, và my history of weight loss attempts. She advocates for a balanced diet of carbs, protein & fat và made sure I understood the science behind her recommendations. This way of eating has become second nature & I am never looking back! I"m eating more calories than before I met with Megan & have a better understanding of the body. With her encouragement I also found a new love for strength training. I train 3 times a week, prep my meals in advance, & feel healthier than ever! I wholeheartedly recommend Megan khổng lồ anyone who wants to thất bại weight và make overall wellness a priority.

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Megan has been amazing! I have learned so much already, almost immediately I have felt and seen results. With her help, I truly look forward to lớn keep on living the healthier và fitter life that I have always dreamed of! Thank you megan!! :)

I met with Megan Ware a few weeks ago. It was my 1st ever meeting with a dietitian/nutritionist. I was so impressed! Megan took the time to talk khổng lồ me - not at me - & LISTENED to lớn me as well! Megan is very knowledgeable và sensible. She made very realistic recommendations và she also makes herself available if you have any questions or concerns. I feel I have a rapport established & I am looking forward khổng lồ returning for my next visit.

I highly highly HIGHLY recommend going to lớn nutrition awareness! I wanted help with my eating habits and to lose weight after having a baby but wasn’t really sure if it was for me. I thought that they were going lớn make me measure the amount of food I ate but not at all. Kait is really great, knowledgeable & understanding. We figured out the best way for me to lớn reach my goals. Yên still learning but it is so much easier than what I had imagine. It is a great and easy process. They bởi understand what they are talking about.

I met with Kait several times over facetime. She helped me by finding a great plan I could stick to & get past a weight loss plateau. She is accessible & super knowledgeable, a total pro!

I worked with Kait on my nutrition goals. She is fantastic, she quickly picked up on my lifestyle/ eating habits, và helped alter them. Altering my daily eating habits has made me more aware of the nutritional value food can give you, and gave me more energy. Would definitely recommend!

"Kait has a very comprehensive understanding of nutrition & clinical experience as a dietitian.....during the three months I’ve been on the DAP program, I’ve lost almost trăng tròn pounds, and lost about 4% toàn thân fat... I would highly recommend Nutrition Awareness if you are looking khổng lồ make lifestyle changes to your health/wellness. If you really want to lớn change, you will vày everything in your power khổng lồ make that happen. For me, Nutrition Awareness was part of the equation. So ask yourself, vì I really want to make changes to my health & wellness for the better? You may get demoralized with the scale, fad diets, exercise overexertion, and the amount of weight you’re looking khổng lồ lose. Know that others have walked the same footsteps, và as long as you want it enough you can achieve the goals you put in front of yourself. Finally – never forget that you can always ask for help – in my case, help via Nutrition Awareness!"

While struggling with rapid toàn thân recomposition and irregular hormones, Kait has been there khổng lồ assist me with anything I need to feel comfortable. Thank you for everything!

Kait was fantastic. She listened carefully. Gave me a lot of good information and direction. She followed up with an e-mail so I did not need to lớn take a lot of notes. I did go with a food diary for the past two weeks, và I think that helped make better use of our time together. I have encouraged my wife, who is also on a restricted diet, khổng lồ make an appointment.