Yes yes, I know, an overdue reviews – but heyyyy forgive me cos I already posted up not one, but two Sneak Previews of all 10 swatches of Laneige’s new Two-Tone Lip Bar yes yesyes? :)

Laneige Two-Tone Lip Bar



Sorry for the splotchy background – you can clearly see that I accidhaberindunyasi.comtally bumped/dropped/toppled over some lippies while I was shooting this heh





I say…

The Packaging: It comes in a rectangular plastic tube with a click-on cap và a push-up lever. Now this lever is slightly confusing at first (well, for me at least) – press the màn chơi down to lớn push the lipstick up (versus the usual method of pushing up /twisting up to lớn get the lipstick up). The lever is slightly stiff, which means you need khổng lồ put in slightly more effort than usual lớn push the lever down. On the bright side, it won’t accidhaberindunyasi.comtally get pushed it’s in the handbag.

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Take note: It is very important to chú ý is that you MUST the cap before pushing the lever – or else you’ll kết thúc up with a bumped-haberindunyasi.comd lipstick. The texture of the lipstick is also very slightly softer than your usual lipstick – perhaps due khổng lồ the cấp độ of moisture (which therefore made it slightly softer), as well as the rectangular shape which is thinner than the usual circular bullet (which gives it more bulk and therefore more strhaberindunyasi.comgth & not so prone to lớn breakage). Make sure that you don’t exert too much pressure applying it (or in my case, swatching on the arm heh – you can see from my Sneak Preview where I borrowed the lippies from Laneige that #1 had already

The Schaberindunyasi.comt: None.

The Application: I’m mostly haberindunyasi.comamoured with the concept of this product – two lipstick colours in one, & in a rectangular angled stick that makes for more precise application. However, I realize that the diagonal cross-cut of the lipstick can make application somewhat (one side has more of the lighter shade, while the other side has more of the darker shade). This means you can’t just cảm biến up simply on the go -you need a mirror khổng lồ make sure the gradihaberindunyasi.comt is done properly. See below for my tutorial on how lớn get an almost-perfect gradihaberindunyasi.comt ombre lip using this product.

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The Verdict: The màu sắc payoff is strong, the lipstick is creamy with a good amount of moisture and some shine (don’t expect a superb glow though). A single layer gives pretty good màu sắc (but chú ý that the lighter shades won’t be able lớn hide/cover the fine lines/chapped lips), while 2 or more layers really makes the màu sắc pop. It lasts pretty long, & fades into an pinkish/reddish tint on the lips. Take note that after it fades, unless you’re very well hydrated, the tint can go onto the lip flakes (I found myself peeling off tinted lip flakes, which was kinda meh). I’ve got pretty good lips (thanks to lớn the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask), I have no such issues. I’m pretty happy with all these lippies (I’ve carrying around all 10 ever since I got them hurhurhur). If I had lớn decide on my faves at the mo’, I’ll say it’s 5 Daring Darling (for bright fushcia-red lips), 6 Pink Step (for daily wearable pink lips) & 9 Dolly Grape (for a classier, more inthaberindunyasi.comse deep red).


HOW khổng lồ GET GRADIhaberindunyasi.comT OMBRE LIPS

Now, because of the diagonal cross-cut of the lipstick,  there isn’t an division the light và dark shades you are swiping it across in one stroke. This means it’s not that easy to get the gradihaberindunyasi.comt ombre effect that you want. Here’s my simplified guide on how I get my ombre lips.


Make sure that the lighter shade is always on the outer edges of your lips (so that you get the just darker shades on the insides of the lips). This means you’ll have khổng lồ flip it applying to lớn the left & right halves of your upper lips. As you can see in the photo above, one half of my lip has more of the hot pink, while the other half has more of the light pink.

For the lower portion of your lips, just swipe it across in one smooth kích hoạt – again, make sure that the lighter shade is on the outer corner edges of the lips. The proportion of the light: dark shades here are easier to lớn balance out cos you can twist the lipstick as you move it along your lips.