You Are My Sunshine is undoubtedly one of the most popular country songs of all time, having been re-recorded over 350 times & ranking in the vị trí cao nhất region of numerous lists, including the Country Music Foundation, the Recording Industry Association of America, và many more. 

It is one of Louisiana’s official state songs & was published và popularized in 1940 by Jimmie Davies, a two-time state governor.And, of course, it’s a great song for beginner guitar players lớn learn as it requires only three chords — và they’re three very easy chords.

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Original (1940) Jimmie Davis You Are My Sunshine Guitar Chords

Although there are various versions of the song nowadays, and most of them are slow ballade types lượt thích the Johnny Cash version, the most famous version originally recorded by Jimmie Davis was upbeat with an element of swing. 
The Jazz ensemble that joins Jimmie on the track is indicative of the style during the 1940s and 50s, meaning you can địa chỉ some Jazz- & Blues-flavoured notes in your chords. But let’s keep it simple for now.Originally in the key of F, there are only three chords with one pattern that repeats throughout all the verses & chorus of the song.The first chord is F Major, followed by Bb Major (B flat Major), and the ‘turnaround’ third chord is C Major. 

You Are My Sunshine Jasmine Thompson Guitar Tabs

And then, of course, is Jasmine Thompson’s immensely popular version. To play it, place a capo on the fifth fret, và fingerpick the strings as shown in the tabs below. 


Jasmine plays the tuy vậy in the key of D. And what makes this version so interesting is how she spices up the chords.She starts the chord progression with a plain vanilla D major chord. But then she plays a Gmaj7 instead of a basic G và an Aadd11 instead of a plain A.These chords might sound complicated, but the capo allows Jasmin khổng lồ play the entire progression using only her middle finger and ring finger (but you can use the index finger instead of the ring finger if that feels more comfortable):

Best Youtube lessons

Due lớn the simple nature of the song, there are various lessons available in different keys, depending on your vocal preference, with simple strumming patterns that make the tuy nhiên very easy to learn and play. 


Rob Swift teaches you how lớn play the song in the key of A. In this key, it is very simple to lớn play a nice chord-melody intro Rob also uses the “boom chick” strumming pattern, which fits this song lượt thích a glove, accentuating the tune’s country style in a beginner-friendly way.


Jonathan Reux also uses a countryesque strumming pattern but adds a bit of harmonic spice lớn the song, playing the song in the key of C but with a C/F (or Fmaj7) instead of an F major chord và adding an Am7 for good measure.


For the guitarist seeking a challenge, the following video clip by Andy Crowley teaches how to play the tuy vậy in the key of G but in a fingerpicking style with an altering thumb bass. 


Here are some typical questions you might have when learning this song.

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What Is The Strum Pattern For You Are My Sunshine?

You can play this tuy vậy with many strumming patterns. But if you’re a total beginner, playing basic downstrokes on the four beats of each bar fits this tuy nhiên pretty well. From there, you can progress to lớn a boom chick pattern, as Robert Swift shows in the clip above.If you don’t know what the boom chick pattern is, kiểm tra out this lesson by the great Tony Polecastro:

How vị You Fingerpick You Are My Sunshine?

You can fingerpick You Are My Sunshine in myriad ways, but as a general rule, you will probably want to lớn get your thumb to lớn work accentuating the bass notes and the other fingers of your right hand to play most of the melody.

Besides the video clip by Andy Crowley that we referred to above, consider this one by SkyGutiar, also in the key of G, but played on a classical guitar:

What Are The Guitar Chords For Zach Bryan’s Version Of You Are My Sunshine?

The guitar chords for Zach Bryan’s version of You Are My Sunshine are A, D, & E. You can play the whole tuy vậy with open chords, và your fingers won’t have khổng lồ travel farther than the third fret!

What Are The Guitar Chords For Chris Stapleton’s Version Of You Are My Sunshine?

This version of the tuy vậy is also in the key of D, meaning the second and third chords are G & A, respectively. However, Chris tunes his low E string down to D resulting in an “open” sound when strumming the root chord. 

What Are The Guitar Chords For Elizabeth Mitchell’s Version Of You Are My Sunshine?

The guitar chords for Elizabeth Mitchell’s version of You Are My Sunshine are G, C, và D, but she tunes her guitar a half step up, effectively playing a G#, C#, and D# chords.

What Are The Guitar Chords For Kina Grannis’s Version Of You Are My Sunshine?

The guitar chords for Kina Grannis’s version of You Are My Sunshine are A, D, & E, but she tunes her guitar a half step up, meaning she actually plays an A#, a D#, và an E#.
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