Xtreme Legends is the archetypal Dynasty Warriors expansion pack, adding more ways lớn experience the same tired gameplay.

By Alex Navarro on November 17, 2005 at 2:23PM PST

Dynasty Warriors 5 hasn"t even been out for more than half a year, & already its first expansion is on the way.

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Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends does what any Dynasty Warriors expansion would: It adds some new features và ultimately provides more opportunities for you khổng lồ cut through hundreds upon hundreds of enemy soldiers for 15 minutes at a time. But therein lays the primary flaw of Xtreme Legends: Dynasty Warriors 5 already felt more like an expansion pack than a proper sequel. & now there"s an expansion of a trò chơi that felt lượt thích an expansion lớn begin with? That"s just too many layers of abstraction for any hàng hóa to survive.

The Xtreme mode is not quite as "xtreme" as such a title might lead one lớn believe.

Nothing else about Xtreme Warriors is especially different from the original game. There are a couple of new challenge modes và some new items và power-ups, but otherwise, this is precisely the same hack-and-slash kích hoạt that you got in DW 5. The graphics are completely identical, right down khổng lồ the bland-looking maps, and the audio features all the same ham-fisted voice acting & wailing rock guitars.

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Chances are you"ve already expected this, because no other Dynasty Warriors expansion has ever really expanded on any of these aspects.

Ultimately, what it comes down lớn with Dynasty Warriors 5: Xtreme Legends is the following: If you already bought Dynasty Warriors 5 và enjoyed it, then you"re the exact person that this expansion is aimed at, so the value of its nội dung is likely worth your while. If you missed out on Dynasty Warriors 5 & are somehow curious about it, you can"t actually find a new copy of that game for the PlayStation 2 right now in any major retail outlet, thus leaving you solely with Xtreme Legends. Xtreme Legends is $20 cheaper than DW 5 was when it first came out, but it also lacks the musou mode, which is where a whole lot of the content in this series lies. The destiny mode is certainly enjoyable, but it"s not enough khổng lồ carry the entire product, and the rest of the modes just feel lượt thích supplemental distractions. Thus, Xtreme Legends isn"t as appealing as a stand-alone product. If this is too confusing, let us break it down very succinctly: If you liked Dynasty Warriors 5, you may enjoy Xtreme Legends, provided the concept of paying $30 for a few more modes doesn"t upset you, & you"re interested in more of the same. If you didn"t lượt thích Dynasty Warriors 5, or even just didn"t play it, then you don"t need khổng lồ bother.