The feature set is inclusive, the thiết kế aesthetically stunning, and the price is the perfect balance. What more can be said?

The feature mix is inclusive, the kiến thiết aesthetically stunning, và the price is the perfect balance. What more can be said?

Price $70Form Factor Mid towerMotherboard Support ATX, microATX, ITXColors Available Black/red, black/ white, blackWindow Available Yes3.5-Inch Support 2 (2 included)2.5-Inch Support 4 (1 included)Radiator Support 360mm front, 120mm rearFan Support 3x 120mm/2x 140mm front, 1x 120mm rear Dimensions 18.42 x 7.87 x 17.89 inchesGraphics card Clearance 16.14 inchesCPU Tower Clearance 6.3 inches


Fantastic features

So, the features that impressed us? That tempered glass, of course, plus the PSU cover, the tư vấn for up to lớn a 360mm AIO in the front, the three included RGB front fans, the ability khổng lồ rear-mount the 2.5-inch SSD, if you so desire, và the included white or red accents, which you can swap out on the front panel—they all make this case more than desirable. Couple all that with the stellar $70 price tag, & we’re looking at a new budget favorite.

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There is one flaw in this master plan, however, & it stems from the material used in the chassis as a whole. Now, we get it: This is a budget box for budget builds, và there has khổng lồ be some drawback. Unfortunately, the plain đen steel used across the exterior and interior of the chassis feels thin, & a little lackluster under the thumb. Và as we’ve seen the same material used in cases for the last 8 years or so, we just wish there was a touch more effort used on the finish, or something different entirely. But, as that’s our only sticking point, we’ll let it slide.

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Cooler Master’s MasterBox Lite 5 RGB is a phenomenally priced budget box for any builder looking lớn construct a modern machine in a case that plays lượt thích a flagship. Its feature mix is inclusive, its design aesthetically stunning, & its price the perfect balance. What more can be said?

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