The Story Behind CeraVe

Founded in 2005, CeraVe is a dermatologist-developed skin care brand that started off with just three products — a cleanser, a moisturizing lotion, & a moisturizing cream — formulated khổng lồ repair & strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. A healthy skin barrier is crucial for soft, smooth, healthy skin. Unfortunately, there are many factors in our modern environment that can weaken the skin’s barrier, including pollution, environmental toxins, harsh cleansers, & more. A damaged or weak skin barrier allows things lượt thích bacteria, pollutants, or other irritants to lớn pass through the đứng top layers of your skin và cause damage. Plus, a weak barrier also allows moisture to lớn escape from the skin. Ultimately, this leads lớn common skin concerns such as dryness, acne, rashes, and sensitive skin.

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Understanding the importance of the skin barrier, the dermatologists at CeraVe formulated the CeraVe skin care products with specific ingredients that help lớn repair & strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. Over the years, CeraVe has expanded khổng lồ offer much more than just those three initial products. Today, the brand has a complete line of moisturizing face and body products, including the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. In this review, we’ll focus specifically on the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, including the key ingredients, review from real customers, an alternative for you to lớn consider, and more.

What is CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion?

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is a moisturizing, soothing facial lotion that is said khổng lồ help calm the skin, increase moisture retention, & restore the skin’s barrier while you sleep. It is recommended for all skin types, including acne-prone skin since it is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog pores or cause acne flare-ups).

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What Are The Key Ingredients in CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion?

Like all CeraVe skin care products, the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion includes ceramides as key ingredients. Specifically, this formula contains ceramide NP, ceramide AP, và ceramide EOP. Ceramides are a family of waxy lipid molecules that are naturally produced by the skin. According khổng lồ The American Journal of Clinical Dermatology, they are vital in supporting the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum can be thought of as a “brick & mortar” system. The bricks are the corneocytes (dead skin cells) and the intercellular lipids (ceramides) represent the mortar. Without ceramides, the skin barrier is weakened, just like without mortar a brick wall would be weak và unstable. The result is skin that can easily become dry, itchy, or irritated.

In order khổng lồ strengthen the skin barrier, CeraVe includes ceramides in all of their products, including the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion. This helps lớn maintain epidermal hydration & serves as a barrier that responds to lớn environmental stressors, infections, irritants, & allergens. The result is skin that is smooth, moisturized, and healthy.

In order to lớn facilitate the delivery of these essential ceramides khổng lồ your skin, CeraVe has developed something called MVE Delivery Technology. MVE stands for multivesicular emulsion & it represents a way of delivering ceramides khổng lồ the skin in a time-release manner for a continuous rather than burst effect. In order lớn accomplish this, the MVE Delivery giải pháp công nghệ contains layers of oil-in-water emulsions. A năm nhâm thìn article published in The Journal of Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatologycompares this công nghệ to “nesting dolls” as one vesicle is contained within another inside the MVE. After applying CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion, there is a sequential opening of each vesicle, with a gradual release of ceramides and other ingredient contents, rather than the burst of immediate release with some other products.

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion also includes niacinamide as a key ingredient. Niacinamide is the amide size of vi-ta-min B3 (niacin) that functions as a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants help the skin combat miễn phí radicals, the unstable molecules that contribute to the formation of premature wrinkles & fine lines on the skin. In addition khổng lồ functioning as an antioxidant, niacinamide provides many more benefits to lớn the skin. For example, a publication in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, states that niacinamide can repair the skin barrier & improve skin moisture, as well as reduce inflammation, blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, acne, & wrinkling.

The final key ingredient in CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion that we’d lượt thích to discuss is hyaluronic acid, which is an excellent ingredient to use for increasing skin hydration. That’s because hyaluronic acid is able to absorb và hold more water than any other natural substance—up to lớn 1,000 times its weight in water! Furthermore, according lớn the scholarly journal DermatoEndocrinology, hyaluronic acid helps khổng lồ reduce signs of aging by protecting collagen và decreasing epidermal water loss associated with sun exposure, low humidity, & other external factors associated with skin dryness.

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How lớn Use CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Apply CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion liberally lớn the face & neck at night, or as directed by a physician.

Where is CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion Sold?

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion and other CeraVe skin care products are not sold on the brand’s website. You must buy CeraVe skin care products on third buổi tiệc ngọt ecommerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Ulta, và more. CeraVe skin care products are also sold in physical retail locations throughout the United States, such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. CeraVe has a store locator on their trang web so you can find a location near you.

What is The CeraVe Return Policy?

CeraVe does not have a return policy on their website since they vị not sell products on their trang web and, therefore, don’t accept returns.

Is CeraVe Cruelty Free?

CeraVe is not cruelty free. CeraVe is owned by L’Oréal, a company that tests on animals. L’Oréal does not conduct animal testing on their products or ingredients, nor ask others to thử nghiệm on our behalf, except when required by law. Since L’Oréal products are sold in China, they must thử nghiệm their products on animals by law. The good news is that L’Oreal has invested more than $1 billion over the last 25 years lớn develop innovative, alternative methods to animal testing, particularly in the area of reconstructed tissue development. L’Oreal và CeraVe are committed to lớn a future without tests on animals.

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion Reviews

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion đánh giá on the brand’s trang web are mostly very positive, with the product receiving an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars after more than 1,000 customer reviews.

Positive reviews for the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion mention that it is very gentle, soothing, & helps lớn keep the skin moisturized và soft. For example, one đánh giá says, “I have been using this moisturizer for about a year now & have really enjoyed this as an introduction to lớn a diligent skincare routine. I love that not only is this a gentle effective moisturizer but also contains actives like niacinamide & hyaluronic acid which I have been hearing a lot about online recently. I love that this is fragrance không tính phí and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.”

The negative reviews for the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion mention that it feels sticky on the skin and pills. For example, one review says, “I heard a lot about this brand và decided khổng lồ try something new, as I have been using the same skincare line for years. I bought the face wash & pm moisturizer. I am fairly disappointed in the moisturizer- I find it sticky on my face and quite unpleasant. I am not overly happy with it- especially given the price.”

What Are Some Alternatives khổng lồ CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion?

Overall, we think that the CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion is formulated well and contains a few beneficial key ingredients, such as niacinamide, ceramides, & hyaluronic acid. This hàng hóa could be a good option if you’re looking for a soothing nighttime moisturizer. However, if you’re looking for a nighttime moisturizer that not only keeps your skin soft và smooth, but also provides anti-aging benefits, we’d recommend looking for a product that contains retinol.

Take Formulyst’s Anti-Aging Night Cream with Retinol, for example, which is formulated to lớn help hydrate, soothe, và transform your skin while you sleep. Rather than using standard retinol, the formula contains innovative Encapsulated Retinol technology in order to lớn deliver a higher concentration of retinol lớn your skin for intense rejuvenation. Retinol provides numerous benefits to lớn the skin, such as helping khổng lồ minimize the appearance of fine lines và wrinkles, fade dark spots, improve uneven skin tone, restore skin firmness, & shrink the appearance of enlarged pores. The Anti-Aging Night Cream with Retinol also helps lớn lock in moisture and restore the skin’s barrier function with emollients such as safflower oil, squalane, & jojoba oil.

There’s no need lớn compromise when it comes to lớn finding skincare that is effective và safe. Carrot & Stick takes a tough love approach khổng lồ skincare, perfectly balancing the nguồn of plants with cutting edge science. Not only is Carrot và Stick good for your skin, it is also good for the environment as the formulas skip harmful chemicals commonly found in skin care products.

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