Celta ᴡill hope to up their game at Old Trafford neхt ᴡeek - a ѕingle goal putѕ them right baᴄk in the tie" /> Celta ᴡill hope to up their game at Old Trafford neхt ᴡeek - a ѕingle goal putѕ them right baᴄk in the tie" />


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Celta will hope khổng lồ up their trò chơi at Old Trafford next week - a single haberindunyasi.com puts them right back in the tie. Be sure to join us for that! Have a great night.
FULL-TIME - Celta 0-1 United: An important away haberindunyasi.com from Rashford puts Mourinho's side in the driving seat in this tie, with the hosts struggling khổng lồ pierce the opposition's defence. They never looked lượt thích getting on the scoreboard, and it is a fine free-kick from Rashford that proves decisive in the first leg.
Valencia raises a hand khổng lồ fend off Aspas & the Spaniard drops to lớn the floor clutching his face dramatically. The referee gives the visitors a free-kick and they will pump this into the box.
Lingard does well after Pogba breaks down a Celta attack, dribbling out to lớn the right & drawing a foul from Jonny.


After just over 10 minutes on the pitch, Young is replaced by Smalling - the centre-back making his first appearance since March.
Young is down holding his hamstring and the trang chủ fans are whistling again. However, it doesn't look lượt thích a time-wasting ploy, and that's going lớn be a source of real frustration for Mourinho.
ALMOST! The free-kick is nowhere near a shooting possession, wide on the left roughly 40 yards from haberindunyasi.com, but Pogba spots Alvarez off his line and out of position. He tries khổng lồ sneak a shot inside the near post & has the keeper scrambling, only for the ball lớn drop outside the upright.

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Pogba is booked for time wasting while deliberating over what to vì with a free-kick that Young did well khổng lồ draw the foul for.
Fellaini gets a talking too after a clumsy challenge from Hernandez. He needs to be careful as he's already on a booking. Celta get on with it quickly & Sisto's delivery is headed onto Guidetti và behind by Bailly, who stooped to lớn connect và took a hit as a result.
The home fans are getting annoyed by United's willingness khổng lồ take their time over everything. However, Celta seem unable lớn get the ball down & keep it, making it easy for the visitors lớn wind down the clock.

It's Rashford making way for Martial and he is limping as he makes his way across the pitch. The Celta players are not happy, with Cabral và Aspas among those frustrated by the seconds ticking away. Whistles rain down from the stands too, with the referee pointing out he will địa chỉ the time on.

Here comes Young, taking Mkhitaryan's place. Martial has also been readied so we can expect khổng lồ see him on the pitch shortly.
United continue to lớn threaten on the break but Rashford is forced wide after Lingard rolls a pass in behind the defence. It looks as though Young is set to come on having been readied on the sidelines for a few minutes.
SO CLOSE! Mkhitaryan's shot deflects off Cabral & loops up kindly for Lingard. He slams the ball on the half-volley & arrows it narrowly wide! That would have been the most emphatic of finishes.