Because so many people have told me how much success they"ve had with the double cleanse, it has been my personal mission khổng lồ curate another amazing oil cleanser. Interestingly enough, this very oil cleansing balm I"m about khổng lồ introduce you lớn became a staple in my cleansing routine when I started living in Korea. After all I have tried in the past few years - this is still my all time favorite so I"m excited to finally địa chỉ it lớn the Soko Glam collection và introduce it to lớn you!






Finally an oil cleanser that doesn"t drip down your arms.

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The Banila co Clean it Zero cleansing balm uses gentle fruit extracts to cleanse your face. This product is quality because unlike most oil cleansers, it comes in solid form. It is a sherbet-y texture that is easy to scoop out with the little spatula và place in the palm if your hand. This chất lượng formulation makes it super travel friendly (yay, no spillage!) And lượt thích all great oil cleansers should, it doesn"t leave behind a greasy residue and it removes most waterproof makeup without stripping your face of its natural oils. (Note: Out of habit, I still use eye makeup remover before the double cleanse so I don"t really rely on this product to remove my eyeliner)

How to use: You use this as your first step in your double cleansing routine. Take a scoop of the oil cleanser using the little spatula they give you, & gently mas sa the formula all over your face and neck (without water). You can feel the solid texture slowly turn into more of an oil, và you can even see it slowly dissolve your makeup. Add a bit of lukewarm water to your face to lớn emulsify using the same upward, circular motions. Adding water causes the formula to lớn turn slightly milky. Then rinse thoroughly using lukewarm water. (And now you"re now ready for the next step: foam/cream water-based cleanser).

Ingredients: Antioxidants galore! This formula contains papaya extract (known for its vitamin C) và cherry extract (good source of vi-ta-min A), which fight miễn phí radicals lớn protect your skin from premature aging. 

And yes, it does come with mineral oil. As you may have heard, mineral oil is a very sensitive topic because it has gotten a bad rap over the years as a cosmetic ingredient. I have my opinions about mineral but that"s for another post at another time. All I have khổng lồ say for now is that my studies at esthetician school have verified that mineral oil that is used in cosmetics is not harmful & is a great formula used khổng lồ gently deep clean & remove debris from the face.

For more details on the ingredients via CosDNA, click here.

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Smell: It has a clean, citrus fragrance - thankfully not too overpowering. But if you"re sensitive to any scent in your product, it does have a fragrance so keep that in mind.

Price: It"s a little pricier than what you"d find at your local chemist, but $16 is definitely doable if you want a chất lượng product as effective & unique as this one.

For all skin types: Dry, combination, normal và yes, oily skin types! For sensitive skin types (those who have eczema, asthma, allergies, get red easily) or refuse lớn use anything with mineral oil, you might want lớn try their Purity line.

Your reviews:

"This is my FAVOURITE oil cleanser. It’s actually the first oil cleanser I’ve tried and I love it too much to try anything else. I have dry/acne-prone skin and this oil cleanser doesn’t break me out. It takes my makeup off nicely. When I don’t wear makeup, it takes my sunscreen off nicely. Definitely recommend this!" - Katie D

"This is the first balm that didn’t leave my eyes blurry! Melts into your skin. You don’t need slot. Rinses completely with 4 passes and my skin isn’t tight. Longtime buyer of this now!" - Pamela C

"I have been using the Clinique take the day off balm for months & it did the job but I still like it never rinsed off all the way. I gave Clean It Zero a try và I love it. There is no residue left behind & all of my makeup comes off. Also, this is cheaper than Clinique and I can use less of it to lớn clean my face. I have very sensitive skin and this hasn’t bothered me at all." - Alexandria M

This is hands-down my favorite oil cleanser so I get why it"s one of their best sellers. I can"t wait for you guys to try it! Let me know how it compares to lớn your other oil cleansers!