like most cuisine in Vietnam, the best pork meatball sandwich ( bánh mì thịt nướng ) you ’ ll find in Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị comes from an retiring wayside food handcart. Banh mày 37 Nguyen Trai ( vietnamese : bánh mỳ 37 phố nguyễn trãi ) is stationed at the entrance of an alley off of Nguyen Trai Street in District 1. You ’ ll start smelling the barbecued pork barrel as you approach this bantam two-person cook operation. And while you ’ rhenium standing in line, stomach rumble, you can watch the owner flip & rearranging the short pork barrel patties on her belittled charcoal grill. This enormously democratic banh nautical mile stand is only loose for 4 hours a day ( from 4:00pm – 8:00pm ) & you can expect a production line of at least a few athirst customers. But the wait is well worth it for one of the best banh myocardial infarction sandwiches in all of Saigon !

The Ambiance

Banh ngươi 37 Nguyen Trai is equitable a small food cart on the side of Nguyen Trai street, so don ’ t expect a lot in terms of ambiance. It is easy lớn spot, however, thanks lớn its classifiable pink color and the long queue of vietnamese customers that tune up in the afternoons & evenings. Most customers get their banh mile lớn go.

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In fact, some don ’ metric ton flush bother to lớn get off of their motorbikes và treat the cart as a drive-through. There is truly nowhere lớn sit at Banh ngươi 37 Nguyen Trai so plan on eating your banh nautical mile elsewhere .

The Menu

There is only one detail on the menu at Banh mi 37 Nguyen Trai, the pork meatball banh mi sandwich. In addition to lớn the small lush pork barrel patties, you can expect a copulate of slices of fresh cucumber, pickled carrots and radish, và cilantro all topped with chili sauce and piled onto a fall, bizarre french baguet. The grill pork is cooked lớn perfection & when paired with chili sauce and vegetables it is irresistible ! Tip: Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want coriander ? Learn how to lớn say “ No Cilantro ” in Vietnamese .

The Pricetag

A pork meatball banh secret intelligence service from Banh mi 37 Nguyen Trai will cost you 20,000 VND ( ~ $ 1 USD ). I would recommend getting at least 2 because they are thus delicious .

Our Recommendation

In my humiliate opinion, if you get one banh secret intelligence service while you ’ re in Saigon, this should be it. Sure you ’ ll have to lớn wait in line but believe me, you won ’ thyroxine be disappointed. Banh mày 37 Nguyen Trai is decidedly a đứng top eat in Ho chi Minh City.