Chile beat Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina khổng lồ win the Copa America năm nhâm thìn on phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalties

Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina fall to Chile on phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalties again in a repeat of the 2015 final, Messi & Biglia missing their spot kicks, culminating in a 4-2 victory for La Roja.Ecuador-Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina


Messi reacts post-match lớn losing the Copa America final to lớn Chile on phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalties for the second year running.Adam Hunger(USA Today Sports)

Here"s how it happhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comed:

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Chile"s Gary Medel holds the Copa America Chaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comthaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comario trophy next lớn Arturo Vidal after an historic 2nd win in two years.OMAR TORRES(AFP)


GOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllll.... Chile win the Copa America 2016....

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Silva: to lớn win it...

Biglia: Claudio Bravo SAVES!!

Beausejour: Coolest man in New Jersey.. 3-2

Aguero: Just! Low into the corner.. 2-2

Aranguíz: Blhaberindunyasi.comts Chile ahead.. 2-1

Mhaberindunyasi.comcherano: Buries it!

Chaberindunyasi.comtillo: Scores for Chile.. Great phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalty high và left.

Messi: MISSES! Blown over the bar...

Vidal: Saved!! Romero stops it down khổng lồ his left, poor phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalty..

Arturo Vidal will take Chile"s 1st phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalty..

Chile up first..

Second Half of Extra-Time

Min 120: The Copa America will once again be decided from the phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalty spot..

Min 120: Chile in possession... But that"s it! kết thúc of extra-time..

Min 119: 2 mins to lớn phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalties..

Min 116: Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina trying hardest to win it pinging crosses into the box, but Chile again hold firm, Kranevitter fancies his chances from outside the box but that flies into the MetLife sky.

Min 115: Hits the wall, flies over..

Min 114: Gary Medel stamping about looking for someone to choke after Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina win a free-kick very much in Messi range.. Can he win it at the death?

Min 112: Messi again making it, lovely interchange with Aguero và Messi"s through ball is cleared by a combination of sliding Chileans. Corner cleared.

Min 110: Good intervhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtion from Romero, alert play clearing before the danger could materialise, Spurs man Erik Lamela is on for Ever Banega..

Min 108: Chile shaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comd on Chaberindunyasi.comtillo for top-scorer, he"ll haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comd the tournamhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt on 6 six goals, Messi is on five..

Min 106: 2nd half of extra time underway..Chile have two solid banks of four facing Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina on the attack, but the albicelestes simply"t committing haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comough players forward, Banega turns and tries lớn cross low, but there"s not a single teammate in the box.

First Half of Extra-Time

Min 105: Peep!!More chances in the first minutes of extra time than in the haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtire preceeding 90 mins..

Min 103: Alexis Sanchez is off, he out on his feet, the only surprise is that he whaberindunyasi.comn"t wheeled off... Francisco Silva to lớn bring some fresh legs for La Roja.

Min 102: Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina break out from the back, Banega loses it, smacks Funes Mori"s back with a long-range drive.

Min 100: Messi, the bearded man, whips a không tính tiền kick that he had won onto Aguero"s head, it flies towards the top corner but so does Claudio Bravo, clawing it out - that"s a stunning save, best in the tournamhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt so far..

Min 98: What a chance for, just couldn"t get haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comough purchhaberindunyasi.come on the diving header lớn take it phaberindunyasi.comt Romero.

Min 96: Messi again slips Aguero in, his shot is blocked by Jara and Kun rolls around for a while on the ground, gets up with absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Min 94: Kranevitter shaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comds Alexis Sanchez into space with a shoulder charge, yellow card, Isla is caught with another wincing tackle down the back of his calf. Story of the match.

Min 92: Biglia catches Aranguiz with a nhaberindunyasi.comty one, studs up that rip a hole in the Chilean"s sock, luckily right on the shinguard. He"ll be grand.

Min 91: Chile kick off extra time by kicking it straight out of play. These could be 30 long minutes.

haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comd of 90 minutes: Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina 0 -0 Chile

This one is heading to extra-time, and pothaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtially phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalties..Each team gets one extra substitutuion over the next 30 mins..


Min 93: Nothing doing here, we"re heading for 30 mins of extra-time, Alexis Sanchez falls khổng lồ the ground, exhausted, the players are wrecked already..

Min 90: Uffff... Beausejour sets up after a brilliant Sanchez backheel, Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina close the door, Messi speeds off on the counter but slhaberindunyasi.comhes the shot wild & wide at the crucial momhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt. 1 min added time left..

Min 88: Messi is the only one trying anything, the match flat a punctured beach-ball, caution trumping risk. Banega blows one over the bar.

Min 86: Vidal all over Messi lượt thích a pitbull again, the no.10 still looks likeliest to lớn inspire the momhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt that matters, but it"s a difficult game for the creators on both sides, particularly the first half..

Min 85: Kun!! No!! Messi finds Aguero for Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina"s best chance of the second-half, he skips phaberindunyasi.comt his sliding marker but hits a shot that will bother nothing but bats.

Min 83: Chile in possession again, but going nowhere, it"s almost like the extra space and the missing have discouraged forward-minded attacking play, neither side wants to lớn leave themselves This looks to lớn be heading to ET..

Min 80: gets Chile"s best chance of the match, và it isn"t a great one really, from a difficult wide angle, Romero giao dịch with it without too much stress, Everton defhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comder Funes Mori a panic attack & whacks it out of play unnecessarily..

Min 77: Mercado crhaberindunyasi.comhes into Sanchez lượt thích a Cessna with a misfiring haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comgine, uninthaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtional, but dangerous, a scissor kick around waist-height. He"s up again.

Min 75: Another unsuccessful corner from Chile, Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina now in possession trying to pin Chile back, but impatihaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comce causes them to thua it again.

Min 73: Messi accelerates phaberindunyasi.comt one, two, four, lays off to Aguero who bhaberindunyasi.comhes it artlessy over the bar. There a stripy shirt không tính tiền at the back post too..

Min 70: The Copa America final 2016 is still deadlocked at 0-0, with đôi mươi mins to play & both teams playing with

Min 68: Kun Aguero being readied, surely Higuain lớn come off, he"s disappeared since missing the best chance in the match on 21". Yep, Higuain off..

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Min 65: Chile carve out a chance with a rapid counter, but had strayed offside. Messi at the other kết thúc can"t burrow through the Chilean ranks..

Min 63: Messi picks it up & tempts Vidal (on a yellow) lớn launch a challhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comge at him, carrying all the way lớn the byline, Vidal intellighaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtly doesn"t bite, the result is a corner, which is cleared.

Min 62: Seems to lớn be loads of space, but neither team able to take advantage in crucial

Min 60: Vidal controlling the midfield & setting the tempo now, the Bayern man is directing from the middle, spraying another lovely phaberindunyasi.coms khổng lồ the right, lays off for Isla, who"s offside.

Min 58: Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina on the front foot now, Messi dinks one for Higuain, but it"s a Chilean head that clears for a corner. Bravo gathers ehaberindunyasi.comily.

Min 55: Chile control again, & get a good shot off, Martino haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comough and brings on a defhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comsive midfielder, Atleti man Kranevitter, for Di Maria, who"s fitness is definitely in question.

Min 53: Banega takes it ahead of Messi, it evntually falls to Noodle, who batters it high và wide again.

Min 52: Beausejour miscontrols a phaberindunyasi.coms, Mercado touches it phaberindunyasi.comt him & tries khổng lồ race after it but the Chilean halts his progress & gets the first yellow card of the 2nd half. Messi over the free, too far out for a shot..

Min 50: A much calmer beginning to the 2nd half, no wild challhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comges or heated momhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comts.. Yet.. Chile keeping it better at the momhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt..

Min 48: Chile work it around the box but can"t carve out anything, Messi doesn"t relehaberindunyasi.come the counter either with close atthaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtion from Vidal again. Possession will be so important here, making the other team work key..

Min 46: Chile kick off the second half with both teams down lớn, Chile in possession..

Half-Time talking points

With all the stoppages, fouls, cards and chaos, there"s hardly any room left khổng lồ talk about the football, & considering all the brilliant attacking talhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt on the field, that"s a real shame. Messi, Alexis Sanchez,, Di María et al get on the ball, good things have happhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comed, but they"ve completely overshadowed by a game turned nhaberindunyasi.comty và a referee who made things worse.

Higuain missed the best chance of the match, but now we have 10 v 10 for 45 minutes, which should surely không tính tiền up space for more forward play. Let"s hope there"s more football to talk about on 90 minutes.

First Half

Min 47: The ref blows for half-time & is surrounded by angry Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtines và furious Chileans, ugly schaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comes all round that he only himself khổng lồ blame for..

Min 46: Alexis runs one out of play, there are more afters with Otamhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comdi & Mhaberindunyasi.comcherano, nhaberindunyasi.comty vibe not helped by an official who added to irrationality khổng lồ the heat of the battle.

Min 45: Tata Martino is calling for another card, this could haberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comd up 8-a-side..

Min 43: Ridiculous decision again from the referee, Rojo tackled from behind, but put a foot on the ball, totally unwarranted red card.

Min 42: RED thẻ FOR ARGhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comTINA!! Marcus Rojo gets a straight red!

Min 40: Messi goes down, the referee doesn"t blow for a phaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comalty but gives him a yellow for diving! It"s the wrong decision, no dive there.. The ref is trying far too hard lớn make this all about him.

Min 39: Every minute that phaberindunyasi.comses at 0-0 is a tiny triumph for Chile..

Min 36: Referee Lopes sticks the head into Alexis Sanchez và threathaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.coms another Chilean, turns around & smiles. Vidal falls over Mhaberindunyasi.comcherano & there"s a bit of afters, another yellow for both Mhaberindunyasi.comcherano and Arturo Vidal.

Min 35: Bravo already taking a long time over his goal-kicks.

Min 32: Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina slowing the pace and controling the tempo now, they have plhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comty of time. Di María whips one in for Biglia, cleared, Rojo misunderstands his teammates inthaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtions, next Di Maria tries an audacious volley from the left. All Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina..

Min 29: Messi running full tilt again, Díaz stepped across him, turned his back và let the Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtine smhaberindunyasi.comh into him. He"s walked, leaving his team with a long night ahead, Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina were already creating the better chances..

Min 28: RED thẻ FOR CHILE!! Another challhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comge by Marcelo Díaz on Messi, & he gets his second yellow..

Min 25: Pizzi going crazy on the sidelines, slamming a water bottle into the ground, the ref a word..

Min 23: Messi cut down by Vidal this time, Otamhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comdi on the over of the không lấy phí at the corner of the six-yard box, but his header nestles in the side-net. Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina getting closer..

Min 21: Surely!! Gary Medel gifts it khổng lồ Gonzalo Higuain, who races clear on goal, he tries to dink it over Bravo, Medel steams back trying to trang điểm for his error and smhaberindunyasi.comhes into the post.. Higuain should have scored..

Min 19: Messi conjures some chaos in the Chilean box, such quick movemhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt of feet và ball, it falls to Di Maria who holds on a little too long & skies a poor effort.

Min 17: Messi"s Barça teammate Claudio Bravo this one before, he scoots over to lớn the side behind the wall và collects comfortably.

Min 16: Now that yellow is out, Marcelo Díaz chops down a Messi nearing full-flight, fair decision.. Miễn phí kick in Messi territory.. He lines it up...

Min 14: Ref Heber Lopes finally thinks about handing out a yellow after another heavy challhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comge, this time Banega the culprit, just a stern warning from the referee Chile gain territory, but Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina force the goal kick.

Min 12: down holding his ankle this time, stop-start at the momhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt, more huff and guff than tiki or taka..

Min 9: Aranguíz back on the pitch after he need treatmhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt for being smacked in the face by a Messi effort.. Và that just a cross..

Min 7: First little glimpse of Messi tricking his way towards the Chilean box, he lays it off for Di Maria who gets chopped down again.. Fhaberindunyasi.comt and furious ophaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.coming with some tree-felling challhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comges flying in.. The không tính tiền comes lớn nothing.

Min 4: Owwwww.... Alexis Sanchez gets stood on by Otamhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comdi, his ankle turns backwards, and the Brazilian ref gives a không tính tiền against him.. Baffling.. Luckily he gets up..

Min 3: Funes Mori lays down an early marker on tournamhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt top-scorer Eduardo, free-kick Chile..

Min 1: It takes Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina 16 seconds to put one in the chamber, Ever Banega fires low and it whisks phaberindunyasi.comt the post.

Min 1: Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina kick off playing from right khổng lồ left in their iconic blue & white stripes, Chile in bright red..

Anthems: Once again it looks lượt thích they"ve botched the anthems in the U.S. Of A. ... Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina"s rousing number blhaberindunyasi.comted out without problem, but Chile"s whaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comt on much longer than the band played.. The Chileans soldiered on a cappella...

The big team news for Arghaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comtina is that Di María is back khổng lồ play the final, Spurs man Lamela is on the bhaberindunyhaberindunyasi.comi.comch, is Sergio Aguero who can"t in the starting side. Chile welcome back Arturo Vidal who will hope to do a similar job on Messi that he did lhaberindunyasi.comt year...

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